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Discover how InstaCaptain helps thousands of Instagrammers grow, what types of customers we have, and what this all means for you and your own Instagram!

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Add Your Account

Add your Instagram account and tell us what type of account you run.

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Hashtags, Similar Users

Add nich-specific hashtags and accounts similar to yours. Choose between genders too!

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InstaCaptain Starts

InstaCaptain gets going to give your Instagram account the boost it deserves.

Get Results That Are Real

Watch your Instagram grow with likes, story views, profile visits, and real followers.

Grow Your Audience

The magic starts when you signup ✨

As soon as you hit that big signup button below, you'll be asked to give us some information and login with your Instagram account. This takes about 2 minutes of your time. With the information you provide, we're able to do a few things:

  • Learn exactly what niche you're targeting
  • Engage on your behalf to grow your account
  • Give your account manager context to help you faster
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📢 Heads Up

InstaCaptain uses SHA-3 cryptographic encryption with Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael AES). Your password is not stored by us, but it is instead one-way encrypted. In other words, your account is really, really safe with us. Account security has always been top of mind since InstaCaptain began development!

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Signups close in

We're limiting signup slots to the public to ensure our customers get the best experience possible. Get started today and start getting more Instagram followers!

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2 Minutes Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee• Grow Your Instagram
Hashtag + User Targeting

Setting up your targets

Once you've categorized your account and synced up your Instagram profile, you're prompted to add at least 5 hashtags and 5 accounts that are similar to yours. InstaCaptain engages with hashtags you've added (InstaCaptain suggests new ones over time).

When you add accounts similar to yours, InstaCaptain engages with that account's followers. Going through this step lets InstaCaptain:

  • Target the right hashtags and users for you
  • Use gender targeting to filter your audience
  • Make suggestions and improvements over time
  • Accurately log performance of each target
  • Let your account manager jump in to refine your settings
Start Growing Your Instagram
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💡 Targeting Tip

When choosing accounts to target, it's never a bad idea to look at the current champions of your niche, and who's hitting the explore page. You could even use our hashtag generator or ask our success team if you're running dry on ideas.

Results, Results, Results

Your account starts growing

InstaCaptain identifies and queues up tasks for your Instagram. InstaCaptain find you the best targets and users of hashtags to engage with. You'll see a noticeable difference in engagement on your account within a few days.

When you've gotten InstaCaptain set up, here's what you should expect:

  • More people liking and engaging with your posts
  • A flurry of Instagram visitors checking out your profile
  • More people viewing your stories
  • Real, organic Instagram followers that like your content!
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Optimizing Your Account

Improvements & suggestions

While you're getting results, InstaCaptain logs all activities and scores the performance of all your added similar users and hashtags. Coupled with data we collect about your niche, InstaCaptain makes suggestions and offers you improvements.

Example improvements include:

  • Suggesting better similar users
  • Updating underperforming hashtags
  • When to post
  • Profile improvements
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