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InstaCaptain is your premier Instagram growth service. Learn more how InstaCaptain helps thousands of users on Instagram grow their audience with loyal, engaging followers!

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2 Minutes Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee• Get More Instagram Followers
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Why InstaCaptain is the best organic Instagram growth service

InstaCaptain was ranked highest among organic Instagram services for growth across the globe in 2019. By using InstaCaptain, you're able to get Instagram followers faster, but also build a meaningful, engaged audience along the way. Here's what InstaCaptain is, and what it isn't:

InstaCaptain is not:

  • A tool that gets you ghost followers
  • A growth service that underdelivers

Here's what InstaCaptain is:

  • An organic Instagram growth tool built for people like you
  • An Instagram management tool that helps you get more followers
  • A way of building a hyper-engaged audience that converts
best Instagram growth service

Like having your own Instagram manager

InstaCaptain is like having your own Instagram management service. As our customers say, InstaCaptain's like having your very own Instagram manager, that helps you pick up more followers and build an engaged audience without any aches or pains along the way.

2 Minutes Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee• Get More Instagram Followers

@crossfitjunkiesociety / 18.2k Followers

Good results, a lot more engagement, and way more sales. Exactly what I was looking for from Instagram. Thanks InstaCaptain!

Kelly, Lifestyle Niche

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Setting up is easy

Hook up your Instagram account and let us know what your account is about, and you're ready to go!

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Organic Instagram growth

You'll pick up more Instagram followers with InstaCaptain, and results will keep improving over time.

Grow your engagement

Your engagement across the board ends up growing as you pick up more followers with our organic growth service.

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Instagram management

InstaCaptain acts like your easy-to-use Instagram management service. Grow around the clock, without any aches or pains.

💡 Want a quick overview of what we do?

InstaCaptain has been dubbed the best Instagram growth tool on the market, and we've got results to back it up. To get a fast, clean overview, check out our homepage to find out how we get you more Instagram followers around the clock!

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Thousands of InstaCaptain Users

Creators, businesses, agencies & managers

Thousands of Instagrammers around the world currently use InstaCaptain as their first-class solution to growing their Instagram account. These include Instagram creators who carefully craft their content, businesses on Instagram who are looking to drum up more sales, and social media managers who may work for an Instagram agency.

No matter what type of Instagrammer you are - InstaCaptain is here to help you grow your Instagram with more likes, followers, and engagement.

Grow Your Instagram Faster

How InstaCaptain Works

Getting InstaCaptain to work is as easy as pie. And as the primary way to grow your Instagram organically, there's so much more to InstaCaptain than meets the eye. Here's a snapshot of some of our features!

Organic Growth Feature

Following & unfollowing

InstaCaptain uses the follow & unfollow method to get you the right results faster. It's the undisputed number one way of growing your Instagram account. This method, coupled with our other features (scroll down!) will get you growing in no-time.

  • Send a strong signal to users to follow you back
  • An easy, no-frills way of growing your account
  • It's the most trackable, proven growth strategy
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💡 Clean newsfeed? Yes please!

InstaCaptain mutes followers we've followed on your behalf, meaning you'll never miss a moment with your friends, family, and your favourite Instagram creators. InstaCaptain was built to add to your Instagram experience.

Organic Growth Feature

Instagram Stories, Comment Liking, Live Reactions

Viewing Instagram stories, comment liking, and live reactions are all highly scalable ways of growing your Instagram account. You'll pick up followers faster as InstaCaptain does all these tasks for you automagically!

  • Save 4+ hours a day from manual engagement
  • Get noticed by Instagram creators like you
  • Engage and pop up in activity feeds
  • Get more followers organically
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Smart hashtags, similar users, and location 📍

To give your organic growth a boost, we've bundled InstaCaptain with an elite class of targeting tools. Generate smart hashtags on the fly to pinpoint your niche audience, highlight and copy users similar to you, and use location targeting to get followers based on foot traffic.

  • Improved, robust targeting solution
  • Get more relevant followers
  • Your new followers are highly engaged
  • Target sweet-spots based on location or niche hashtags
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💡 Targeting Tip

InstaCaptain's hashtag generator can help you improve your targeting now, even if you're acting as your own manual growth service. As a customer, you can always reach out to our customer success team for hints and tips on optimizing your targeting.

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2 Minutes Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee• Grow Your Instagram
And so much more

And many more features for your Instagram growth

There's so much more to InstaCaptain as a service that gets you organic Instagram growth. Check out our features page for a full overview, or check out a snapshot of what you can expect when signing up to InstaCaptain:

Advanced Parameters

features icon

Adjust minimum and maximum quantities for followers, posts, and more with advanced parameters settings.


whitelisting and export feature icon

Get real-time improvement suggestions fed to your dashboard. InstaCaptain helps optimize your organic growth.

Blacklist & Whitelist

Icon for auto blacklisting users on InstaCaptain

InstaCaptain auto-blacklists sensitive content before engaging, and allows you to whitelist users so you can keep relationships that matter.

Customer Success

chat bubble icon

With the best in-house customer success, InstaCaptain offers you a dedicated account manager that helps you grow.

☕ $1.57 per day

Billed at $49/ mo

Get Started

  • Organic Instagram Followers
  • Meaningful engagement
  • Advanced analytics
  • Costs less than your daily cup of coffee ☕
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What's InstaCaptain again?

InstaCaptain is your new favourite organic Instagram growth service, helping you get more Instagram followers around the clock. InstaCaptain will help you connect with your niche, getting you meaningful engagement along the way.

What's your growth guarantee?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee if we can't get your account growing. The majority of our customers see results in 2-3 days. We always spend the first day reviewing your account settings and trying to understand your niche.

What's your pricing like?

We offer two pricing plans at the moment, with the lowest plan starting at $49 per month. Each plan costs less than a cup of coffee per day!

Is there a free trial?

We're committed to providing the absolute best service in our industry, and as such, InstaCaptain's success team cannot support the free trial model.

Chief Marketer / 22.7k Followers

This is an amazing way of getting in touch with all our customers on a personal level. Growing our brand awareness is key, and that's exactly what InstaCaptain helps us with.

Chunhua Zhiang, Director of Marketing APAC

Best Instagram Growth Service

InstaCaptain will help you grow

There's an easy way to grow your Instagram account - and that's with InstaCaptain. Get started today!

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Your premier Instagram growth service

InstaCaptain's more than just a way to get you more followers - it's your new, shiny Instagram growth service. We pride ourselves on our features, cost-effective pricing, and stellar support.

If you're still not ready to get started, get in touch with your questions and our success team will get back to you ASAP!

Dedicated customer success team

With InstaCaptain, you're never alone on your Instagram growth journey. our customer success gurus are just one click away - and we're ready to help you set up and optimize your account. Reach out to support if you're not sure whether we're a match!

2 Minutes Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee• Get Instagram Followers Fast
  • #1 first-time-to-response, Nov 2019
  • Results-focused success team
  • Dedicated account manager just for your accounts
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