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About Socialcaptain

SocialCaptain For Instagram Automation

SocialCaptain is an Instagram automation tool that automates Instagram actions. Want to find out more about SocialCaptain or maybe explore some other options as well? Learn more about them below. Loads of people ended up with their Instagram banned so they switched to InstaCaptain.

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2 Minutes Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee• Get More Instagram Followers
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What is SocialCaptain

And how does Social Captain work?

SocialCaptain is the usual Instagram bot that likes and follows Instagram profiles based on certian filters you set up (hashtags and locations).

How safe is it? Well, like most bots, they get detected at some point and their users get either blocked or banned from Instagram.

This is why a lot of people started to switch to InstaCaptain. InstaCaptain is a NEW way of growing your Instagram 100% organically by engaging with real, niche-relevant people on your behalf.

With SocialCaptain:

  • You risk getting banned
  • You get followers that don't engage with you
  • Doesn't always work
  • Requires technical skills

With InstaCaptain on the other hand:

  • You get niche-relevant, real followers
  • You get organic followers
  • You increase engagement and exposure
  • There's no risk of getting blocked
Why InstaCaptain

Why people prefer InstaCaptain instead of SocialCaptain

Why should you try InstaCaptain

SocialCaptain is a risky way of growing your Instagram account. See why people prefer InstaCaptain instead.

Still looking for a safe way to grow your Instagram ? Here are the main reasons why people replaced SocialCaptain with InstaCaptain:

  • With InstaCaptain every follower is real
  • Unlike SocialCaptain, InstaCaptain is not an Instagram bot
  • InstaCaptain will always be safe
  • We have a growth guarantee you'll love
2 Minutes Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee• Get More Instagram Followers
About SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain pricing and features

Social Captain is about $10 cheaper than InstaCaptain. But don't get those few bucks fool you. InstaCaptain uses real phones combined with AI and human touch to grow your Instagram organically, just as you would do it. Check out how smart our features are to see why people love InstaCaptain!

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  • gray checkmark icon Irrelevant followers
  • gray checkmark icon Broad targeting only
  • no enter icon No refunds
  • no enter icon Doesn't work at all
  • no enter icon Slow Growth
  • no enter icon No Growth Guarantee
  • no enter icon Risky bot automation
  • no enter icon Speed Limit
  • no enter icon Causes frequent bans
  • no enter icon No response from support
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  • icon with lightning bolt Real, targeted followers
  • icon with lightning bolt 14 Day Growth Guarantee
  • icon with lightning bolt High-Speed Growth
  • icon with lightning bolt Gender Targeting
  • icon with lightning bolt Fast Support
  • icon with lightning bolt AI Optimisation
  • icon with lightning bolt Smart Filtering
  • icon with lightning bolt Loved by 10,000+ people

💡 Concerned about price?

Want to try InstaCaptain but you're still dwelling on the price? Get in touch with our success team and we'll try to find a solution for you. While we can't promise you a price match, we're always open towards helping our customers.

☕ $1.63 per day

Billed at $49/ mo

Try InstaCaptain Today

  • Real Instagram Followers
  • Increase your engagement
  • Safe Instagram growth
  • InstaCaptain is not a risky bot
  • Costs less than your daily cup of coffee ☕
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What is SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain is an Instagram bot that automates your Instagram growth. Most of the reviews claim that it doesn't actually get results and the support is unreachable most of the time.

How does SocialCaptain work?

You instruct the bot what hashtags and locations to target. Then the bot likes and follows ALL the profiles that match those filters, including fake or inactive profiles.

Why InstaCaptain and not SocialCaptain?

Bots don't work anymore because Instagram blocks them. InstaCaptain is not a bot, but a set of growth tool that includes real phones combined with artificial intelligence and human touch to grow your Instagram in a safe way.

What is the guarantee?

Unlike SocialCaptain, you can reach out to us anytime and we do reply. We also offer a risk-free, growth guarantee: if your Instagram doesn't grow within 14 days, we'll give you your money back - no questions asked.

Trying InstaCaptain

Get started in seconds

InstaCaptain gets you going in no time. Here's a quick rundown of how it works:

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Connect your account

Add your Instagram profile and specify what type of account you run.

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Smart filtering

Fine tune your ideal audience by hashtags, similar users, locations, gender and more.

an icon showing growth in Instagram engagement

InstaCaptain grows your IG

InstaCaptain engages with real people in a genuine way, exactly as if you were doing it.

Watch your growth

Focus on what matters to you while your Instagram grows day by day with real followers.

MORE ABOUT InstaCaptain

SocialCaptain doesn't have this

InstaCaptain combines real phones along with a powerful AI algorithm and human touch to grow your Instagram in a safe and organic way that attracts real followers who will engage with your content. Check out InstaCaptain's complete list of features or discover them yourself by signing up today!

Happy Clients

You're in good company

With over 5,000 happy customers each month, InstaCaptain's become the go-to option to grow your Instagram on autopilot. See why people love us!

Get a real custommer support team

We're renowned for having one of the most responsive customer support teams. Anytime you have a question you can reach out to your assigned dedicated Instagram expert. Try InstaCaptain today and reach more people on autopilot!

2 Minutes Setup • 7 Day Growth Guarantee• Get Instagram Followers Fast
  • First-time-to-response award, Nov 2019
  • Dedicated Instagram specialists
  • Reach out anytime
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