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The InstaCaptain community is brimming with thousands of happy members. Over the past few months we've graciously gathered some feedback from our users. And they couldn't be happier with the value InstaCaptain brings to their Instagram experience. Check out some testimonials of our users!

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@henrywatch / 44.4k Followers

We connect with watch lovers all over the world with InstaCaptain. Automatic engagement is our favourite feature and the improvements suggested are spot on. The amount of DMs we're getting is fantastic. InstaCaptain adds value to our biz, plain and simple!

Ahmir, Social Media Manager

@annietrips / 2.9k Followers

My travel account gets way more impressions ever since I started using InstaCaptain. New followers engage, which is pretty important for me! Hugely recommended.

Annie, Travel Photographer

@6forest_toys / 15.9k Followers

A lot of art junkies love toys, but we weren't really getting in front of them. With InstaCaptain, we were able to tap into our market on Instagram. They are a big help.

Gonçalo, Brand Manager

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@amazingnaturex / 19.6k Followers

This works reaaally well. I run this account with purely reposted content and I know when to engage. Curating content and getting followers easily is pretty much my dream scenario. InstaCaptain helps with the follower part, and they're engaging constantly with whatever I post.

Darren, Travel Account

@crossfitjunkiesociety / 18.2k Followers

InstaCaptain works well for me and it's something I use daily. I've been told I have great content on my IG but could never really figure out how to grow my audience. InstaCaptain figured that part out without me really doing much. I'm launching a YouTube channel next!

Kelly, Lifestyle Niche

@muitobommedia / 176k Followers

We let InstaCaptain handle all our Instagram engagement by targeting stories and hashtags for our customer accounts. As the social media guy, InstaCaptain basically makes my job easy.

Henrique, Social Media Manager

@glow.gigi / 83.4k Followers

I'm getting so many make-up enthusiasts following me. Compared to other tools I've used, these results are actually something I'm happy with (which makes a change haha). Isabelle is a great help too!

Gigi, Make Up Artist

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@starstheagency / 1.5k Followers

Stars started working with InstaCaptain for its select clients that don't really have a big social presence. Our clients get results fast. The only time we put in any effort is improving our targeting. InstaCaptain seems to get this right the first time anyway. I highly endorse you guys, thanks!

Eustuce, Agency Owner

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